(Most Active Psychology Forum)

Founder (10/2008– Current)

  • Kick-started a vBulletin online community of 110,000+ members with over 7,000,000 post.
  • Deployed rewarding systems that increased site activity, time spent by users on site, and user generated content (100,000+ post a month and growing).
  • Recruited loyal and trustworthy volunteer moderators to administrate forum content.
  • Recruited volunteer psychology professionals to design and create personality quizzes.
  • Recruited volunteer graphic artists to design website, banners, smileys, and etc.
  • Established an effective list of member/moderator conduct guides that decreased community drama.
  • Championed marketing initiatives that increased website traffic – currently 600,000+ monthly visitors.
  • Implemented non-intrusive but effective monetization strategies for generating income – community is completely bootstrapped in terms of content moderation and expense.