To help build, manage, and expand sales through experience with coding and community management.


  • Founded an online community of 110,000+ members with over 7,000,000 post at
  • Sold PersonalityCafe for $36,000 + stock
  • Founded a successful Motorcycle Parts and Repair shop in the Philippines with only $10,000.
  • Heavily contributed to AmericanSuspension sales growth – from $1,400,000 to $2,000,000+ (a 42% increase) via marketing and optimizing existing venues for growth.
  • Won 4 Awards at a Motorshow (Best in Presentation, Peoples Choice, Mayors Choice, Best Underbone)
  • Generated $500,000 in sales for vBulletin software through affiliate + email marketing
  • Designed, published, and sold many successful gaming forums and websites.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient Web Designer  (Big Commerce, WordPress, vBulletin, SocialEngine, etc.)
  • Working knowledge with basic/advanced computer programs (Word/Excel/Outlook/Photoshop/Adobe Premiere/etc.)
  • Worked with Facebook Ads, Adwords, Adsense, Google Analytics, Affiliate programs, and etc.
  • Social media savvy and heavy user for marketing purposes.
  • Worked with Adwords, Adsense, Google Analytics, Affiliate programs, and etc.


American Suspension (Motorcycle Manufacturing/Distribution)

Marketing Manager (06/2016 – Current)

  • Increased monthly sales by 40% through video publication, social media, and online sales.
  • Created and published multiple marketing videos through FB
  • Product Photography – Captured and Edited product pictures.
  • Managed com website (Backend/Frontend -HTML, Graphics, Server, etc.)
  • Fully managed American Suspensions Facebook account and Instagram account.
  • Kick started and solely managed Amazon and Ebay listing and sales
  • Using a number of editors (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.) I was able to create marketing materials that assisted in effectively communicating the company’s products to the masses via photos and videos.
  • Coded and Optimized and to handle traffic flows sufficient for an e-commerce website.

Katono Motors (Motorcycle Parts and Repair Business)

Owner (01/2016 – Current)

  • Kick-started a motorcycle parts and repair retail store at a busy highway in Laguna, Philippines.
  • Managed a company of 5 employees – 3 in-store clerks and 2 Mechanics.
  • Installed POS systems in the shop.
  • Ordered motorcycle parts directly from suppliers.
  • Assisted walk in customers, which resulted in 20% Repeat Business.
  • Business Growing 20-30% per month.
  • Worked with mechanics in identifying issues with customer motorcycles.
  • Shop is completely bootstrapped – no outside investments. (Most Active Psychology Forum)

Founder (10/2008– Current)

  • Kick-started a vBulletin online community of 110,000+ members with over 7,000,000 post.
  • Deployed rewarding systems that increased site activity, time spent by users on site, and user generated content (100,000+ post a month and growing).
  • Recruited loyal and trustworthy volunteer moderators to administrate forum content.
  • Recruited volunteer psychology professionals to design and create personality quizzes.
  • Recruited volunteer graphic artists to design website, banners, smileys, and etc.
  • Established an effective list of member/moderator conduct guides that decreased community drama.
  • Championed marketing initiatives that increased website traffic – currently 600,000+ monthly visitors.
  • Implemented non-intrusive but effective monetization strategies for generating income – community is completely bootstrapped in terms of content moderation and expense.

SocialEngine (TechStars Company and Most Popular Social Networking Software)

Community Manager (09/2011 – 06/2012)

  • Established affiliate program that generates $15,000+ in sales a month and growing.
  • Examined metric reports to champion marketing initiatives that increased sales by 30%.
  • Collaborated with lead developers into improving software usability and performance.
  • Utilized project management tools (PivotalTracker) for effectively keeping track of development and team progress.
  • Collaborated and led customer service and sales support teams into addressing customer issues and concerns.
  • Managed email campaigns and provided valuable metric reports (Open Rate, CTR, Bounce Rate and etc.)
  • Authored and curated technical articles, blogs, documents, and videos.
  • Managed social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube).

vBulletin (Most Popular Forum Software)

Online Marketing Specialist (08/2010 – 09/2011)

  • Generated $500,000 in sales for vBulletin through affiliate + email marketing
  • Successfully marketed vBulletin Mobile Application – 4,000+ licenses sold the first 5 months.
  • Worked with over 40,000 vBulletin powered communities.
  • Managed email campaigns and provided valuable metric reports (Open Rate, CTR, Bounce Rate and etc.)
  • Assisted in moderating official development community.
  • Kick-started social media campaign – Facebook (3000+ Fans), Twitter (5,000 Followers), Youtube (1,000+ Subscribers).
  • Collaborated with lead developers into improving software usability and performance
  • “Go to person” for vBulletin technical questions.

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